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About Secure Components

Secure Components is your obsolete electronic component supplier and collaborative resource partner.


We work with every client personally to fully understand their specific
requirements when procuring the parts and supplies they need that are hard to find or obsolete. Our surplus and obsolete electronic parts suppliers aim to ensure our clients meet their production and sustainment schedules safely and securely every time.


Our proactive procurement program ensures accurate forecasting, safe procurement, and timely delivery. 

We have been honored to serve government agencies and life-critical businesses in the aerospace, defense, industrial, medical, and commercial manufacturing fields as a trusted and preferred vendor for the past 15 years.

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We’ll transform the way you manage your supply chain procurement.

Small Company… BIG Solutions

The unique size and structure of Secure Components fosters unparalleled supply chain agility. Strategic, tactical, and intentional—our obsolete electronic component supply team is empowered with the data, experience, and innovative tools necessary to monitor your Bill of Materials daily, providing real-time safe and secure solutions to supply chain disruptions.

Authentically Trustworthy

We source through a network of reliable, vetted vendors and provide full AS6171 testing through government approved testing facilities, protecting the supply chain from counterfeit parts 100% of the time. As a QTSL & QSLD (Qualified Suppliers List of Distributors) approved, AS9120 certified small business and CISCO partner, we know that our Counterfeit Avoidance Plan assures quality and authenticity.

Collaborative Partner

Secure Components works alongside our clients to find proactive, actionable solutions that protect and shield them from supply chain volatility. Our obsolete electronic component suppliers and logistics team work tactically and strategically with each customer to design a predictive planning schedule that ensures on-time delivery in the most cost-effective, safe, and secure way.

NQA Aerospace & Defense Certification AS9120
International Traffic In Arms Regulation Compliant ITAR Gray
Secure Components has a Government Industry Data Exchange Program Membership - GIDEP
NQA Counterfeit Parts Program Certified AS6081

Resilient. Agile. Secure.

Secure Components RAS (Resilient, Agile, Secure) Predictive Procurement Solution Program is an API data driven software backed by procurement specialists devoted to each project, designed to prevent unforeseen supply chain disruptions.

RAS provides transparency across a program’s life cycle with predictive AI-driven analytics, facilitating risk-based proactive sourcing solutions for aerospace, defense, and other high-risk related industries. 

We work tactically and strategically with you.

Todd Kramer

For over two decades, Todd Kramer has led Secure Components with visionary foresight and innovative approaches in logistics and supply chain management.

Stephan Halper

Stephan is a highly capable COO with a multi-faceted background and a deep understanding of quality engineering and process management.

Jessica Beckwith

Jessica specializes in inspiring companies and communities to invest in new ideas. Her multi-faceted skills provide the foundation necessary to collaborate and conceptualize with a broad spectrum of clients, thinkers, and visionaries. 

Penny Brockington

Penny brings over 15 years of experience in the supply chain industry, with a focus on procurement, inventory management, and systems development across various industries both domestically and internationally.


Sikorsky Global Helicopters conducted an ASQR-01 audit at Secure Components Facility.   I was particularly interested in your work to detect counterfeit parts.   This audit was based on a sampling of products and processes to demonstrate compliance with specifications and requirements.

– George Komarc

I would like to thank Mr. Kramer for taking the time to answer my questions concerning their quality management system, shipping and receiving procedures, documentation, and traceability. I am recommending the company be approved to be added to the NASA DFRC’S Qualified Supplier List.

– Steven L. Wildes

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