Our Management Team

Todd Kramer

CEO + Director of Quality

For over two decades, Todd Kramer has led Secure Components with visionary foresight and innovative approaches in logistics and supply chain management. He is a recognized expert in quality management and counterfeit risk mitigation and avoidance, making him a valuable asset in the company’s strategic relationships and throughout the industry. Todd has participated in industry groups such as SAE G-19C and IECQ Working Group 06 Committees, committed to eradicating counterfeit parts’ risks and has been instrumental in guiding the certification process for standards such as SAE AS5553 and AS6081. As the former Chairman of the United States National Committee (USNC) for the International Electro-technical Commission Quality System (IECQ), Todd was the voice for distributors and brokers at the national and international level. Todd is a graduate of the University of Rhode Island with a communications degree. He has become one of the industry’s most recognized spokespeople addressing the critical issue of counterfeit mitigation. When the world grappled with Covid-19, Todd drew on his extensive international connections to develop a reliable supply chain, mitigating risks associated with inferior products, counterfeit parts, and fraudulent activities.

Todd leads a robust quality assurance program at Secure Components, sustaining the company’s tradition of excellence and performance. Todd oversees the company’s day-to-day operations and collaborates closely with all departments. He also shares his experiences by speaking to industry peers on quality and counterfeit issues. Outside of work, Todd enjoys spending family time, playing drums for his band Pheedback covering bands such as Phish, Grateful Dead and Goose and rooting for NY sports teams, even though his lives in Philadelphia.

Stephan Halper

COO & Director of Business Development

Stephan is a highly capable COO with a multi-faceted background and a deep understanding of quality engineering and process management. A graduate of Penn State University, he earned a bachelor’s degree in mineral economics, and he speaks both English and German fluently, holding dual citizenship in both countries. Stephan played an instrumental role in the development of Secure Components’ internal process documentation required for quality certifications. He currently oversees all aspects of the company’s day-to-day operations, ensuring that all processes are optimized to best serve customers.

Under Stephan’s guidance, Secure Components developed its proprietary software called RAS, which delivers proactive solutions tailored to meet the unique needs of government agencies and DoD contractors. Prior to his tenure at Secure Components, Stephan served as an NFL agent, sharpening his skills in negotiation and team building. Today, he leverages this experience to effectively lead and motivate the Secure Components team, driving the company’s continued growth and success. Stephan is an avid sportsman and an ardent supporter of Philadelphia’s local teams. When not working, he enjoys playing ice hockey and spending quality time with his wife and three children in their home outside of Philadelphia.

Penny Brockington

Director of Supply Chain

Penny brings over 15 years of experience in the supply chain industry, with a focus on procurement, inventory management, and systems development across various industries including books, MRO, healthcare supplies, and ophthalmic equipment–both domestically and internationally. Her expertise provides strategic insights to the sourcing division of Secure Components, helping to drive purchasing, vendor management, and excess inventory management for the company..

Jessica Beckwith

VP of Strategy and New Business

Jessica has been in new business and strategy for over 20 years, working with national and international manufacturers to discover new collaborative growth opportunities. She joined Secure Components after an 18-year career leading new business development and strategy for several innovative companies in both the design industry and the arts. 

Jessica specializes in inspiring companies and communities to invest in new ideas. Her multi-faceted skills provide the foundation necessary to collaborate and conceptualize with a broad spectrum of clients, thinkers, and visionaries. As an artist and entrepreneur, Jessica manages high-level businesses and teams by developing consulting and creative strategies for both for-profit and non-profit organizations. She has helped several companies break into new markets with synergistic models that have led to growth and customer success. 

She joined Secure in mid-2022 to lead the company from its direction as a distributorship toward a collaborative model of service and partnership. Her multi-faceted skills make her an invaluable asset to Secure Components, as she works to broker partnerships that bring value and growth to the Aerospace and Defense industry.