Management Team

Todd Kramer

CEO & Director of Quality

(484) 220-0550

Since 2001, with more than a decade of experience in the industry, Todd provides the visionary insight that keeps the company on track. In addition to managing the company’s strategic relationships, Todd is an expert in counterfeit risk mitigation and avoidance. Todd is recognized as one of today’s foremost authorities on the issue of counterfeit parts and the risks they create. He has personally engaged the counterfeit epidemic as a participant of the SAE G-19C IECQ Working Group 06 Committee focused on eradicating the counterfeit epidemic. These groups help to guide the process for certification to standards such as the SAE AS5553 & AS6081 counterfeit avoidance, detection, mitigation, and disposition of electronic components.

Todd co-formed and is the Chairman of the United States National Committee (USNC), International Electro-technical Commission Quality System (IECQ), Distributors Advisory Group (DAG) who serves as the voice for distributors and brokers at the national and international level. A graduate of the University of Rhode Island with a degree in Communications, Todd has become one of the industry's most recognized spokesman addressing this critical issue of Counterfeit Mitigation.

Needless to say, Todd heads up Secure's extremely robust Quality Assurance Programs with a passion and knowledge that quickly reassures our customers of the company's commitment to excellence and performance. While touring the nation speaking on quality and counterfeit issues, Todd still finds the time to oversee the company's day-to-day operations and works closely with all departments within the company. Growing up as a New York sports fan, lots of time is spent steering his two sons in the direction of being strong individuals. One must possess strong character to root for the N.Y. Mets, Giants, Knicks, and Rangers and live in Philadelphia.

Stephan Halper

COO & Director of Business Development

(484) 881-3125

Stephan was born in the United States but has close family ties in Germany. He speaks both English and German and has dual citizenship in both countries. A graduate of Penn State University, he earned a bachelor’s degree in Mineral Economics. Stephan is extremely knowledgeable in quality engineering and process management. He was instrumental in the development of all the internal process documentation required for Secure Components quality certifications.

In his role as COO, Stephan oversees all aspects of the day-to-day operations of Secure Components. Stephan developed Secures' Component Engineering Program, which incorporates a proactive solution for both government agencies, and DoD contractors. As a former agent for the National Football League, Stephan is an expert negotiator and team builder. A native of Philadelphia, he is an avid sports fan and plays on several local ice hockey leagues. He resides outside Philadelphia, with his wife, three children.

Carol Banes

Office Manager

(484) 556-2125

Carol Banes is an essential contributor and perhaps the most diverse team member in our organization. She performs dual roles as both Administrator and Expediter. Born in Medicine Hat, Alberta, Canada, Carol brings extensive administrator experience to the team. A fierce multitasker, she proficiently accomplishes many jobs that are essential to our success. Earning a degree in Hotel Management from Montgomery County Community College, Carol utilizes her people skills and years of experience as an Administrator/Office Manger to perform her role. Responsible for invoicing, paying bills, reconciling accounts in QuickBooks, wire transfers, escrows, and negotiating customer payment terms, she is heavily involved in many aspects of the company. On the expediting front, Carol is the liaison between the Procurement Management Team, Quality Control, and our suppliers. By interfacing with our suppliers, she ensures prompt delivery and facilitates freight deliveries and pickups. Additionally, she is responsible for uploading ERAI and GIDEP Counterfeit Awareness Notices to our internal system. At home, Carol enjoys reading, gardening, and watching old movies and spending time with her family.

Andy Cho

Supply Chain Manager

(610) 723-1785

As a senior buyer, Andy is relied on heavily to procure some of our most challenging requirements. After years of networking in the procurement world, the relationships he has cultivated have opened significant opportunities for our company.

Born in Seoul, Korea, Andy is bilingual and can speak Korean and English. This is a powerful asset as we broaden our international business relationships. Additionally, his keen understanding of market values for obsolete components is an irreplaceable asset to our purchasing team. An alumnus of Penn State, Andy currently lives in Conshohocken, PA. He is an accomplished guitar player and an avid art enthusiast. He can often be found competing in both ice and roller hockey throughout Philadelphia.

Jesse Starcher

Purchasing Manager

(484) 212-0831

Jesse serves dual roles at the company. His primary role is Buyer for the Purchasing team and editor for company documents and marketing material.

Referred to on our team as “Deacon,” his strong background in Project Management, Editing, and Microsoft Office skills serve our team well. Jesse is one of those folks that can be relied on to proficiently complete any task that is needed. His positive attitude brings fun and inspiration to our team. Born in Cincinnati, Jesse attended York College of Pennsylvania, earning a BA in History. He has extensive literary skills and is considered Secure’s “go-to guy” for editing all important correspondence and press releases for the company. Enjoying camping, Frisbee golf, and photography, Jesse resides in York, PA with his dog Bosco.

Matt Tanner

Counterfeit Risk Mitigation Manager

(484) 200-8073

Matt joined the Secure team in early 2018 after spending many years building and managing a sales team for a DLA accredited testing facility specializing in the detection and mitigation of counterfeit semiconductors and microprocessors. He has worked with quality professionals and engineers at companies such as Lockheed Martin, Raytheon, Honeywell, and Northrop Grumman building testing protocols to mitigate the risk of counterfeit material entering the supply chain. He has also spoken publicly educating the industry about anti-counterfeit processes, what they mean, and when some processes should be utilized or not.

With his vast experience inspecting potentially suspect material for a number of different prime manufacturers, there is very little he has not seen in regards to counterfeits. He is also very well versed in most quality requirements including Honeywell’s SPOC 419, Raytheon’s Qnote GP, and Northrop Grumman’s CONF 010.

Matt lives in his hometown of Austin, Texas with his wife Stephanie and their dog McClane. He attended Texas State University-San Marcos earning a BA in Communications with a minor in Business. He is an avid sports fan who enjoys taking advantage of the rivers and lakes in Central Texas and smoking delicious Texas barbeque.

John Nauta

Quality Manager

(484) 685-4979

John Nauta is our Quality Manager. He has More than Twenty years experience in Quality Management & Inspection related to Transportation and Chemical Processing. He has completed Sikorsky Quality Program Training and ISO 9000 Electro Static Discharge Certification. John Studied Mechanical Engineering at Rutgers University.

He enjoys 'Chasing the elusive Tarpin' Salt water fishing and Vacationing in the Florida Keys.