Secure Components PO Terms & Conditions

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  1. Secure Components LLC, reserves the right to cancel this order, in part or completely at any time. Acceptable material may arrive 2 days ahead of Due By Date stated on Purchase Order and 0 days late.
  2. Product/Material must conform to the OEM datasheet with the latest revision unless otherwise called on in the purchase order. All product/material shall be guaranteed to fit, form and function by Vendor. Vendor shall be compliant and have documented Counterfeit Avoidance and/or Risk Mitigation plan. Counterfeit parts have no value. If parts are deemed suspect, fraudulent, or counterfeit, the vendor can choose one of the following options. First option; Secure Components confiscates the product/material, and all funds associated with the transaction are credited to Secure Components within 5 business days. Second option; if the vendor’s prerogative is that the parts are authentic, then at the cost of the vendor; a mutually agreed third party test facility will objectively test the parts. If the parts are third party tested and verified to be authentic, then the product will be shipped back to the vendor at vendor’s expense. If parts fail 3rd party testing, Vendor agrees to reimburse Secure Components for all previous testing, shipping & any other expenses incurred as a result of the time, effort and any business loss for not delivering authentic product/material to the end user/customer.
  3. Secure Components LLC, reserves the right to deny payment, delivery or return product/material for a full refund if: product/material and/or documentation does not match Secure Component’s purchase order including but not limited to; condition, description, quantity, part number, date code, shipping method, type of shipping service, and/or any other requirements documented in the purchase order. Unless otherwise specified and called out in the purchase order, ALL parts must be from the same lot and batch. VENDORS ARE NOT TO INSURE SHIPMENTS. Vendor is liable to pay for any unapproved insurance or upgraded shipping methods other than stipulated on the purchase order.
  4. The condition of All product/material are to be NEW and unused coming from an authorized source unless stated otherwise. All other conditions must be documented at the time of quote by vendor and noted on Secure Components purchase order. Vendor acknowledges acceptance of purchase order and to the best of the vendor’s knowledge, product/material has not been altered, tampered with and has been stored properly since taking possession of item. If not, immediately notify Secure Components.
  5. The seller shall maintain a method of product/material traceability as applicable. The traceability shall clearly identify the name and location of all the supply chain intermediaries and shall include the mfg. name of product/material or item identification for the items and as applicable include date codes, lot codes, heat codes, serialization, unique item identifiers, or batch identifications. This shall be maintained by Vendor for a minimum of 10 years.
  6. The FAR & DFAR clauses cited at, when applicable by their terms, are incorporated by reference as if set forth in full text. Full text at These quality clauses are in addition to Secure Components general terms and conditions and shall apply as required. Clauses may not be applicable to specific orders due to type of subcontract. It’s the Seller’s obligation to contact Secure Components regarding any confusion, ambiguity or questions the Seller may have regarding the applicability of these FAR & DFAR clauses.
  7. Vendor is to ensure that all material is sufficiently protected against damage during shipment. This includes but is not limited to electronic and/or ESD/Moisture sensitive devices. Products received without these precautions are subject to degradation and any and all costs incurred will be paid by the vendor. Any merchandise received damaged or not meeting Secure Components inspection process will be returned, at the vendor’s expense.
  8. Unless otherwise stated in writing, vendor warrants merchandise against product/material and/or electrical defects for minimum of 1 year.
  9. Secure Components LLC, requests that vendor ship product/material to the address specified within a 24 hour period, unless otherwise stated. Shipment is FOB Destination.
  10. Product/Material sold by Secure Components LLC must be exported from The United States of America in accordance with all U.S. Statutory & Regulatory laws. Any diversion contrary to U.S. law is prohibited.
  11. Secure Components LLC shall be notified in writing of any nonconforming product for approval before shipping.
  12. Vendor agrees to obtain approval in writing from Secure Components for non-conforming product disposition.
  13. Any and all changes relative to risk from changing source of supply or traceability shall be re-approved by Secure Components in advance of the parts shipping. Vendor must notify in writing within 5 days if change in risk associated and relative to change in vendor’s authorized re-sellers agreement which effects the status of this order. Products/Material ordered through authorized (franchised) distribution shall be acquired directly from OCM’s or authorized suppliers. Exceptions require written approval by SC. Vendor is required to provide their Risk Assessment for sources other than authorized or OCM. Seller should be capable of providing traceability back to the authorized/OEM for the products/material being purchased, including names and addresses of all prior sources as applicable.
  14. Vendor must maintain perimeter defense systems to detect intrusions IAW purchase order specifics, statutory and regulatory requirements. Vendor must have product liability insurance of at least one million dollars. Vendor consents to the Jurisdiction and Venue of Montgomery Country, Pennsylvania USA. Vendor agrees to SC terms and conditions per acceptance of the PO.
  15. Vendor agrees to flow-down requirements of this PO to any sub-vendors or subcontractors. Additional flow-downs may accompany this PO.
  16. Vendor agrees to all requirements of this PO. Vendor shall flow-down all requirements of this Purchase Order to any and all relevant sub-vendors or subcontractors. Additional flow-downs may accompany this PO, including but not limited to;
    1. Providing inclusion of identification of relevant technical data (specifications, drawings, process requirements &/or work instructions)
    2. Getting approval from Secure Components on products, services methods, processes, equipment and release of products or services.
    3. Competence, including any required qualifications of persons.
    4. Test, Inspection and Verification Documentation.
    5. Use industry approved statistical techniques for product acceptance.
    6. The need to;
      a) Implement a quality management system
      b) Use customer-designated or approved external providers
      c) Notify Secure Components of ay non-conformance
      d) Prevent the use of suspect, unapproved and counterfeit parts
      e) Notify Secure Components of any changes to processes, products or services including changes to external providers or location of mfg.
      f) Flow down to external providers applicable requirements including customer requirements.
      g) Provide a Certificate of Conformity, Test Reports, or Authorized Release Certificate as applicable.
      h) Retain documented information for 10 years minimum.
    7. Provide right of access to Secure Components or any of Secure Components’ customers.
    8. Ensure that persons are aware of:
    9. a) Their contribution to product or service conformity
      b) Their contribution towards safety
      c) Importance of ethical behavior
  17. Secure Components will not pay any additional charges associated with this order unless such additional charges have been approved in advance and in writing by Secure. Additional charges will include anything not specifically noted on this purchase order such as credit card fees, shipping and handling. Supplier must notify Secure Components within 24 hours of receipt of this purchase order of any additional charges.
  18. Secure Components, our customer, and/or any regulatory body has the right to visit the vendor’s facility, listed on this order, and all facilities involved with the order and to all applicable records pertaining to the order. Vendor agrees to keep all records for ten years. Secure Components, our customer, and/or any regulatory body has the right to verify and inspect product as needed. Further, Secure Components, their customer, and regulatory authorities reserve the right to access all facilities involved in the order and to all applicable records, security audits & will mandate penalties for security violations in accordance with statutory, regulatory and Secure Components’ customer requirements.
  19. The seller shall be required to comply with, and/or be certified to a QMS such as AS9100, AS9120, ISO 9001 & a Counterfeit Avoidance Plan such as, AS5553A and/or AS6081. Vendor is required to be compliant with the latest NIST IT Cyber Security Framework NIST 800-53..

Export Disclosure:

Supplier must provide export status (if not submitted with quote), when applicable, of all government licenses and clearances required for the export or other release of technology or technical information for the deliverable; to include Export Commodity Classification Number (ECCN) on the Commodity Classification Automated Tracking System (CCATS) form (for all items that fall under the Department of Commerce jurisdiction) or United States Munitions List (USML) category (for all items that fall under Department of State jurisdiction), and Schedule B and/or Harmonized Tariff Schedule (HTS) code (for all items). Supplier must describe the procedure and steps the supplier has taken, or is required to take, in order to obtain all necessary Government licenses and clearance for release of the technology or technical information embodied within the deliverable and shell specify the estimated time the Supplier anticipates will be required to obtain such licenses and clearances. ECCN# __________________ HTS#____________________

FORM # FRM-740-001 REV. N