Counterfeit Prevention

As industries most vulnerable to counterfeit parts, the aerospace and defense sectors require the utmost diligence from QDSL suppliers for MIL spec electronic component procurement.

Secure Components recognizes the importance of counterfeit prevention. Our highly-trained team of technicians and quality inspectors are dedicated to thoroughly vetting all our suppliers through strict standards as part of the counterfeit prevention process, ensuring that the integrity of your supply chain is always protected.

Secure Components has provided top-notch support to the DoD and DLA, enabling mission-critical agencies to focus on counterfeit part mitigation. When I served the President as part of the Presidential Airlift Group, we were diligent about every detail, part, and process that pertained to maintenance across the board; no detail was overlooked. 

Secure Components allows for continuity of operations and provides confidence that our military is being supplied with authentic components.”

– David
Former Chief Mission Director, Air Force One at Presidential Airlift Group