Solutions Partners

Arc Technology Solutions, a Secure Components solutions partner

ARC Technology Solutions, engineers have worked in the technology insertion industry for over 20 years, providing proactive solutions to complex systems facing EOL and early obsolescence.

Secure Components and RAS partners work together to bring the lowest cost, most time-effective, and safest solutions available to our customers. By closely evaluating a program’s needs, we offer and facilitate proactive solutions that deliver products within budget, on time, safely, and securely. Together we provide solid, holistic solutions. 

ARC helps you drive advancement through engineering development, creating custom scalable solutions by innovating system and mechanical design, integrating software and hardware and ultimately providing a best-in-class solution, customized for you.

Sustaining and updating an outdated system for only a portion of the cost to redesign.

Custom-engineered solutions for complex obsolescence issues:

ARC’s exclusive Engineering Support Platform (ESP) is a powerful, versatile, and secure platform for the development and support of FPGA applications. ESP reduces cost by shortening development time, decreasing overall program risk, including built-in self-test capabilities. 

With its dual-FPGA design, powered by DSX Core, ESP can be configured to solve any problem in a digital, analog, or mixed-signal system. ESP’s FPGA IP can be easily ported, simplifying future efforts to decrease obsolescence.