Secure Components provided the Homeland Security Foundation of America (HSFA) with subject-matter expertise on supply chain and counterfeit part mitigation. Every day the world is changing, and new threats are being uncovered.

When HSFA identified a vulnerability within the supply chain that could be devastating to those that protect our homeland, we rolled up our sleeves and examined the issue alongside Secure Components to identify best practices and develop a recommended approach. Their expertise, knowledge, and guidance exhibit their industry leadership capabilities. 

– Eric,
President and Chairman of Homeland Security Foundation of America

I have been working with Secure Components for over five years. During this time, Secure Components has played a critical role in keeping our programs moving. Specifically, they have guided us on finding obsolete items and offered testing to help certify authentic parts found in the open market.

– Phillip Newman,
Leonardo DRS 

Secure Components helped Donaldson procure P/N RL07S123GB14, a simple $1 resistor that would have taken 39 weeks to order through any of the authorized vendors we had on our AVL. Instead, Secure Components provided us with a much better solution for this one-off component.

– Romeo Mercado
Donaldson Co., Inc. (Valencia, CA Plant) 

Recently, Pole/Zero faced daunting tasks of completing assemblies for customers with multiple component shortages which were unavailable for more than a year! Secure Components did everything from sourcing the needed part to procuring and testing to authenticate and meet our counterfeit avoidance quality requirements. 

For example, Analog Device P/N LTC2622IMS8#PBF, was on a 90-week lead time via Digi-Key and Mouser. However, Secure Components delivered the parts with all of the documentation and test reports within six weeks. We continue to turn to Secure Components whenever we face shortage or obsolete components as they provide perfect end-to-end solutions for our business.

– Kevin Hamilton,
Senior Buyer, Pole/Zero

I would like to thank [the] company personnel at Secure Components for their excellent support and service. Your DLA Account Manager took care of all my queries in a jiffy and continues to exceed our company’s expectations. 

Secure Components provided me with the most reasonable quote for materials I needed to procure, specifically traceability for a flange bolt that created a work-stoppage for more than 280 days. Not only did Secure Components provide me with the traceability and pictures of this material, but they were so conscientious that they ordered one piece of the material to ensure it met our specifications and requirements. They went a step further to dig deeper so that we could get this buy package approved. 

Vendors like this set the bar high because they provide phenomenal customer service with full transparency. If they cannot obtain an item, they inform me immediately and offer other viable choices. They explain if they can compete with a different vendor or lower pricing or lead time. When I urgently require status or information regarding a product, Secure Components relays information to me within the hour. 

Secure Components has a caring approach and are true professionals. I have been able to complete my buy packages within 30-minute increments thanks to their attentive actions, alert presence, and professionalism.

– Trevor,
Tinker Air Force Base 

During the COVID-19 pandemic, Universal Health Services, Inc. worked closely with Secure Components on sourcing PPE products, including N-95 Niosh masks. We have appreciated your dedication in procuring our PPE needs during that difficult period and have been pleased to receive the products you promised at the agreed-upon pricing. 

It was difficult to find trusted sources during the pandemic. However, your company provided outstanding services. We would recommend your company to any other health providers considering partnering to secure vital PPE during challenging times.

– Marc D Miller,
Universal Health Systems, Inc.  

As a buyer of Lockheed Martin, I have worked with Secure Components for purchasing nameplates, decals, labels plates, and placards. Lockheed Martin and Secure Components have built a steadfast relationship built on a competitive edge based on price, quality, technical capability, and financial capability for all programs. 

– Jordan,
Lockheed Martin Aeronautics   

Secure Components has great customer service with deliveries made on time. We use Secure Components regularly for our COTS items. 

– Kathy,

Working with the team at Secure Components has always been a pleasure. They have been a partner which has supplied high-quality aircraft parts in a timely manner, providing much-needed support for the maintenance of our fleet. When I send out RFQs for aircraft parts, I can always count on a quick, professional response. 

The Secure Components team should be commended for their excellent support of the United States military. Thank you for your outstanding service.

– Ruthie Wade,
Purchasing Agent DLA Aviation FASE, Cherry Point